How to show that gases have weight

What you need:

  • two balloons
  • a coat hanger
  • a good set of lungs

What you do:

  1. Hang the coat hanger on your finger.
  2. Attach two inflated balloons on the coat hanger, one down each end. The balloons need to balance the coat hanger so that it is in a horizontal position.
  3. Now blow one of the balloons up, tie it and attach it back to the coat hanger where it was previously.
  4. Watch the the coat hanger tip to the side with the balloon full of heavy air.




Why does air have weight?

Air is the gas that we breathe in order to live. It is actually made up of a number of gases including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Air has weight because it is made up of microscopical particles that have weight just like solids and liquids. In gases, however, these particles are moving around very quickly and are a lot further apart. As a result, light can travel through them a whole lot easier, which is why most gases are invisible.

This is why air has weight even though it is invisible.


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