The Magic Towel Trick

How to put paper towel into water without it getting wet

What you need:

· a glass

· paper towel

· bucket of water

What you do:

1. Scrunch up some paper towel and jam it into the bottom of a glass.

2. Turn the glass upside down and submerge the glass completely into the water.

3. Take the glass out and discover that the paper towel is still dry.



Why did the towel not get wet during the magic towel trick?

The magic towel trick involves jamming a screwed up piece of paper towel into the bottom of a glass and submerging this glass upside down into a bucket of water without the towel getting wet.

The towel does not get wet because the glass is already completely full before it is submerged. The glass is already completely filled with paper towel (a solid) and air (a gas). When you submerge the glass upside down, the air cannot escape. The air inside the glass blocks the water from entering and wetting the paper towel.

The magic towel trick can appear to be a real magic trick to those who haven’t learnt the science behind how it works.


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