How to inflate a balloon without blowing or using chemicals!

What you need:

· a bowl of boiling water

· a bowl of ice-cold water

· a bottle

· a balloon

What you do:

1. Put the bottle into the ice-cold water for a few minutes. Don‘t allow any water to enter.

2. While the bottle is still in the water, attach the balloon around the neck of the bottle (you may need some sticky tape to secure the balloon)

3. Take the bottle out of the cold water and put it into the bowl of boiling water.

4. Watch the balloon inflate.



How does the balloon inflate?

Balloons are things that we normally inflate with air that we blow from our lungs and out our mouth. However, we can also inflate a balloon by stretching it over the opening of an empty bottle.

The balloon inflates because the bottle is not actually empty; it is full of air (a gas). When the bottle is put in the cold water, the air cools down and the microscopical particles in the air begin to move slower and come closer together. When the bottle is put in the boiling water, the air heats up, and the gas spreads out. As the air spreads out, it pushes against the inside of the balloon causing it to inflate.

You can also inflate a balloon using chemical reactions that produce gas.


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